Botanical Beard Set
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Botanical Beard Set

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Soften, Smooth, Strengthen and maintain  your beard with our Botanical Beard set.


Botanical Beard oil

  • Soft and shiny- Our oil blend penetrates deep into the hair cuticles, strengthening and softening them - as a result leaving you with a shiny and well conditioned mane. 
  • Skin- Rosehip oil and Vitamin E oil hydrates and moisturises the skin under your beard - which sometimes can get dry and itchy.
  • Growth- Providing your hair and hair follicles with the right conditions and nutrients to encourage the hair to grow stronger and longer.
  • Scent- Our essential oil blend of Lime, Sandalwood and Vanilla; cleanses, softens, heals and leaves you smelling Amazing.

 Beard Comb

The Taylor Made Naturals Wooden Beard Comb with case. Our double sided beard comb is ideal for grooming and detangling. Great for beards that are medium to long in length.

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